Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is comprised of five Commissioners appointed by the City Commission. The Planning Commission has jurisdiction over those matters set forth in Division 5 - Chapter 1, Article 1, Section, of the Eagle Lake Land Development Regulations, and makes recommendations of those matters to the City Commission.

Sec. - Establishment, functions, powers, and duties.

1. The planning commission is hereby established and shall act as the local planning agency pursuant to the Local Government Comprehensive Planning and Land Development Regulation Act, F.S. ch. 163, pt. II, and shall perform all functions and duties permitted by statute.

2. The planning commission shall review and recommend to the city commission ordinances, land development regulations, amendments to the official zoning map, and other proposals promoting orderly development in compliance with the provisions of the comprehensive plan, except, to the extent permitted by law, in those instances: 1) declared to be an emergency by the city commission, or 2) when the proposal is required by law.

3. The planning commission shall hear and decide requests for dimensional variances for height or width of a structure or the width, depth, or size of yards and appeals from administrative decisions related to same. The term "decision" as used in sections,, and hereinafter shall mean only those decisions made within the authority of this subsection, and subsection, and shall not include advisory opinions or recommendations made by the planning commission.

4. The planning commission may impose reasonable conditions or restrictions on any variance it grants.

5. The planning commission shall review and recommend park, recreation, and leisure services activities. To this extent the planning commission can be referred to as the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board of the City of Eagle Lake, Florida.