Mayor and City Commission

Eagle Lake City Commission Group Photo

Mission Statement

The Mission of The Eagle Lake Mayor & Commission is to represent the public interest, promote quick and courteous responses to residents' problems, provide leadership and direction to the City's future, and assure the present and future fiscal integrity of the municipal government. The City of Eagle Lake strives to provide its citizens with a clean, safe, and family-oriented community.


The City Commission meets the first and third Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Commission Chambers, at the City Hall Complex.

Contact Us

The Mayor and City Commission welcome comments, questions, suggestions, and ideas from all of the residents and businesses of The City of Eagle Lake. Please feel free to contact the Mayor and City Commission at your convenience.

Suzy Wilson - Vice Mayor
Mayor (Seat 2)
Randy Billings - Commission Seat 1
Commissioner (Seat 1)
Steven Metosh - Commission Seat 3
Vice Mayor (Seat 3)
Commissioner (Seat 4)
Commissioner (Seat 5)